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New Shooter Highpower Rifle Competition Clinic

Step away from the bench and learn how to shoot from position.

Become a competitive shooter and improve your marksmanship skills.


Highpower rifle competition is a fun and challenging way to improve your marksmanship skills. Matches take place every weekend all over Illinois from April to October. But going to your first highpower match can seem a little daunting, so let us show you what the sport is all about in a relaxed environment at a comfortable pace.

The first part of the clinic is a lecture and will cover match safety, basic marksmanship, shooting positions, and the course of fire of a typical match. In the second part, participants will fire an informal match at 200 yards using the provided rifles and enter their scores on the provided score cards. Coaches will help everyone understand the positions, adjust their sights, and answer any questions. Afterwards, we will re-convene and recognize the top scorers.

Competition-built rifles and ammunition will be provided.

All you have to bring is: 

  • Eye and Hearing protection
  • An interest in attending highpower rifle matches


When: 9:00 AM, Saturday, May 1, 2021

Where: The indoor classroom at the I.S.R.A. Range, Bonfield, IL.

Cost: $25 for ISRA members (proof of membership is required), $30 for non-members. Payment will be collected during the clinic.

Due to the limited supply of ISRA rifles, space at the clinic is limited. Reserve your spot today by sending an e-mail to clinic@illinoishighpower.org.