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Teams for the National Matches

ISRA Highpower has been supporting Highpower teams that shoot at the National Matches with an ongoing team card purchase program. The purpose of this support is to increase team participation by Illinois shooters at the Nationals and expand the profile of our Highpower program on a national level. Any adult member of the Illinois State Rifle Association and Illinois resident can take advantage of this program and get financial support for team matches.

In an effort to make the process as efficient as possible, here is an outline of the various parts of this program.


The Benefits

Any team participating in this program will receive a team card, at Camp Perry or Camp Atterbury, paid for by the ISRA.

This program extends to the following matches:

Match Date Location
National Trophy Team Match August 1 Camp Perry
National Trophy Infantry Team Match August 2 Camp Perry
2nd Amendment Team Match August 6 Camp Atterbury
Rumbold Trophy Team Match August 7 Camp Atterbury
Mid-Range Team Match August 12 Camp Atterbury
Palma Course Team Match August 17 Camp Atterbury
Herrick Trophy Team Match August 19 Camp Atterbury
Roumanian Trophy Team Match August 20 Camp Atterbury

The Requirements

All firing members of the team must be residents of Illinois and members of the Illinois State Rifle Association. All teams will be entered as State Association teams and therefore must meet State Association eligibility.

Shooters wishing to fire on a team at either Camp Perry or Camp Atterbury must contact: John Roth (john@midlandfirearms.com)


To help you have the best team experience, this document has been prepared explaining how the IL Gold Service Rifle team members communicate with each other.

Team Communication